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Any comments on how I play Scrooge? Complaints? Advice? Plotting? Just want to say hi? Comment here! If you'd prefer me to enable screening and all the usual stuff, drop me a PM and I'll do it in an instant.

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A sailor. Really. I'd understand if it was Donald instead of me, but come on!

And even worse, I was Kefka's--

Ach, forget that last part.
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[For some reason... Scrooge appears to be tied up inside a broom closet. His shouting isn't addressed at you; rather...]

Nephews! What are you doing?! NEPHEWS!

Come on! I have so much junk, I can spare some! Donald's right, what difference do a couple thousand dollars make when you've got several fantastibillions of them?!
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This cake is late! Donald's birthday was last week, and now it turns out ol' Grandma Duck wasted a whole lot of money and perfectly good ingredients for nothing!

... Maybe I can save it for the next birthday. Then again, knowing this place, eating the cake probably turns you into a jelly bean or something like that.
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This is another virus, isn't it?

I-I can't waste my time following a piece of red string! No matter how much I want to!
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If anybody thinks they're getting anything from me just because it's Christmas and I happen to have some money lying around, they'd better get that idea out of their doggone heads!


Nov. 24th, 2010 07:20 pm
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Well, all things considered, I got off pretty easy, eh? Wouldn't want to have been one of the poor sods who got genderswapped or worse...
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[By the looks of it, Scrooge has no idea any of this is being recorded. He's simply sitting at his desk, his head resting on one of his hands and his other hand playing with a lock of blonde hair. The way he's looking at it, it's not very hard to tell it means something to him.]

((O-OH YEAH all replies will be video.))
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I think I'm getting married tomorrow!

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I haven't felt this way in... years.


Maybe I should call the boys over. I'd even pay for some ice cream... in one of my stands!

I wonder if Goldie feels like this sometimes...
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That's... a good question. I think we all make our own luck - I did. Pah, not that people listen. I didn't earn my money thanks to a "Lucky Dime", I earned it through my own hard work.

But... )
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