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Scrooge McDuck ([personal profile] madeitsquare) wrote2011-08-19 04:48 pm


This cake is late! Donald's birthday was last week, and now it turns out ol' Grandma Duck wasted a whole lot of money and perfectly good ingredients for nothing!

... Maybe I can save it for the next birthday. Then again, knowing this place, eating the cake probably turns you into a jelly bean or something like that.
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More like, it would rot if you saved it for a full year.
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For a whole year? Doubt it.
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You're just being cheap. Even with your own...nephew, was it?
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He must think you're so generous.
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Then just celebrate again with this cake! He'll still appreciate it.
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A celebration is never a waste of time.
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You know I'm right.

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It's been safe cake over here so far! You won't believe how many cakes are here.

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It's not poisoned and there's no murder monkeys hiding inside it.

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But too much cake will make you fat. We could be looking at Christmas dinner.

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Thus it's best to share it with the rest of your family! Then none of you gets plump enough to be appetizing.

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I'll save you!

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...I'm not exactly 'people', so it's okay for me to imply that.

Besides, I'm not actually gonna do it. Too much work.

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Well, first I'd have to kill you, then there's the plucking, the seasoning, the stuffing...

It's much easier to just have some noodles.

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I just wish mine had landed someplace different!

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[Kefka turns on the video.]

[He still hasn't gotten all the icing out of his hair.]

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[There's glitter in the icing. And on Kefka's face. Also, icing.]

It was on my pillow.

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Um...was yours shaped like a duck?

...wasn't that sort of strange?

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Yeah, I suppose...what did your nephews think?

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I guess not!