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Scrooge McDuck ([personal profile] madeitsquare) wrote2010-06-12 10:11 am

$3: Scrooge hasn't quite adapted to the virus...


I think I'm getting married tomorrow!

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A streak of bad luck, Scroogie?

[guess who also got what she wanted~]

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[well, I made it so that she hasit, but is so busy planning ahead into the future, she hasn't done anything yet =P Unless you want to play it like they're both trapped in their own AU bubbles. Whatever you wanna do ♥ ]

Hohohoho. I suppose wedding jitters would cause you to forget a few important things...

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As much fun as that sounds, you'll never be seeing me again.

I'll buy you a congratulations card. I'll buy you an entire card store! I can certainly afford it now!

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Must I spell it out for you? Your age must be catching up with you.

Your dime.

I have it.

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[Bit of a pause, as she doesn't recall leaving a fake one or any sort of illusion.]

You must be losing your mind to age. I have it with me here, the amulet is glowing in response, so it must be the correct one.

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I do have the real thing! I just turned my typewriter into gold! That could have only happened with your dime!

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Why would I lie about my greatest achievement?

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What do I care about your morale anymore, now that I am the richest one in the world?

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Fine, be deluded, I don't care! I have what I want, and I don't need you anymore! I can finally have you out of my life!

Goodbye and good luck, Scroogie Darling.

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So there is a match for everyone.

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Having second thoughts?

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You're the one who posted 'I think'.
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pffff I just saw the link to his friends page. also gdi lj I *did* select an icon

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You... think?
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It must have been, if you aren't even sure about it.

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You are? Really? [Ducks get married?]

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Well, congratulations! I mean, you're happy about this, aren't you?

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How long have you known this [Person? Duck? Uh...] person?

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Is she someone you care a lot about? I mean, you must, right, if you're going to marry her?

So is her best friend, soooo. No worries.

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Pah? PAH?!?

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That's not very nice when all I'm trying to do is help. But if you don't want it, I can...let you deal with it yourself!

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All right, I will! [/end transmission]