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Scrooge McDuck ([personal profile] madeitsquare) wrote2010-04-13 10:23 am
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$1: Writer's Block

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That's... a good question. I think we all make our own luck - I did. Pah, not that people listen. I didn't earn my money thanks to a "Lucky Dime", I earned it through my own hard work.

But... I have a nephew. A ridiculously lucky nephew. He doesn't work. He doesn't have to. Oh, I've tried to convince him otherwise, I have. I've tried to fish around for some kind of vocation in him... but it's no use. He doesn't want to move a finger. Why would he have to, when he can just lie down in bed, hold out a hand and have a diamond fall on him?

The other day, the wind brought him a winning lottery ticket.

If there's no such thing as luck - and my own life experience tells me there isn't - I want to know what in the world makes things go so infuriatingly well for him.