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Any comments on how I play Scrooge? Complaints? Advice? Plotting? Just want to say hi? Comment here! If you'd prefer me to enable screening and all the usual stuff, drop me a PM and I'll do it in an instant.

Character: Scrooge McDuck
Fandom: Disney comics, particularly the ones by Carl Barks and Don Rosa
Character Notes:
History: The last member of the poor clan McDuck earned his very first dime at the age of 10. The thing is... it was an American dime. And Scrooge was in Scotland. Well, damn. However, this inspired him to climb higher, to earn more money to support his family, and, above all, to do it fairly. Three years later, he went to America, and after many more years of misadventures, he finds a goddamn huge golden nugget, appropriately nicknamed the Goose Egg Nugget.

In 1902, he arrived at Duckburg, which was only a small town at the time. He proceeded to demolish the remains of the fort that stood at the top of the hill he had bought there and thus built his iconic Money Bin. Then, he continued to travel the world, increasing his fortune... and his greed. By the time he returned to Duckburg, now the richest duck in the world, he had just changed too much - he was bitter, ruthless and nothing like the little duck with ideals that he used to be... and his own sisters left him. Some years later, a depressed Scrooge ended his own empire and retired to a solitary mansion.

In the Christmas of 1947, he met Donald, Huey, Dewey and Louie, who inspired him to spring back into action (Donald by doubting Scrooge's merits and the younger boys by being all... young and cheery). Hell, it seriously looks like they literally made him twenty years younger. Anyway, after meeting his relatives, Scrooge returns to his Money Bin and to his life of adventuring, and this time, he makes sure to never leave his family too far behind.

Personality: At first impact, Scrooge seems like a greedy, grumpy, grabby, cheap old duck, and... well, he IS most of those things. He is most definitely not old, no. He holds on to every single bit of his money unless it can earn him a profit, almost never throws a thing away, and heck, he pays his own family no more than 30 cents per hour when they accompany him to some treasure-hunting expedition. Few things annoy him more than reckless and unnecessary spending.

What some don't realise is that one of the reasons for his attachment to his money is nostalgia. Every single one of his coins has a memory associated with it, some far more pleasant than others. In one story, actually, Scrooge chases after a coin he mistakenly gave to Donald because it was thrown given to him by a certain old love from the Klondike days. He has a soft spot, yes... but typically, it is very hard to reach it - he tends to be overly hard on people, especially on his nephew.

One important detail that distinguishes Scrooge from other business men is his ethics. Though there was a time when he wasn't opposed to burning down villages for profit, he has changed and is now as honest as he used to be in his younger days, when he swore he would be "tougher than the toughies, smarter than the smarties" and that he would "make it fair"... Well, the word "honest" here is applied in a somewhat loose sense, as he sometimes resorts to tricks to throw his opponents off-track... But he never does anything low or life-threatening, unlike some of his enemies.

Other: Scrooge's favourite hobby is swimming in money. Whoa. When asked, in one occasion, how he does it, he simply said it's a "trick".
Additional Links: A very detailed bio!

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Just wanted to tell you that a) I can't believe you're playing him HE'S MY CHILDHOOD HERO I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING I changed my picture to him on facebook when we were supposed to pick a cartoon character for a week that was our favorite jfkdla;jfsk, b) I can't believe you're playing him SO WELL, and c) fjdlksa;fjdksfjs HI?!?!?! <3 ADORATION, YOU CAN HAZ IT.

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Of course!!! It's well-deserved! THANK YOU FOR PLAYING HIM!!!! <3