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Scrooge McDuck ([personal profile] madeitsquare) wrote2011-10-22 12:46 pm

$9 | That's what family's for [Accidental(?) video]

[For some reason... Scrooge appears to be tied up inside a broom closet. His shouting isn't addressed at you; rather...]

Nephews! What are you doing?! NEPHEWS!

Come on! I have so much junk, I can spare some! Donald's right, what difference do a couple thousand dollars make when you've got several fantastibillions of them?!

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I will gladly help you find a use for that, if your family does not want it.

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They don't need help. Give it to those who do.

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I will find someone that needs your money right away.

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I'll come and release you first, if you like.

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...Oh dear. Things get hot and heavy with Kefka?