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$7 | Locked to Winry

We need to talk.


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[Have a Winry, a little disheveled, her hair is windblown. She looks tired. The bare walls behind her might alert someone to her being in a hotel room, possibly not the best, either.]

Yes, sir, Mr. McDuck?


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Hmm? [She drags a hand through her hair, frowning when it gets caught in a tangle.] Oh. Hiding from the military. It's okay. I've got a roof over my head and something to eat later! [Better than what Ed has, she's pretty sure.]

What did you need to talk to me about, sir?

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It's all right, Mr. McDuck. It was a virus. I understand that! But thank you for the apology.

It means a lot.


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I know. I was with Ed during it. He was so bitter, and so sad. I knew he had a lot of anger he didn't let out, but I didn't know how much.

Everyone has stuff they keep inside they don't want anyone to see.


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Mm, no. The last virus that affected me was the one where we were all drunk and sending each other messages.


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It wasn't too bad, as viruses go!