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$6 (Strikes: readable)

This is another virus, isn't it?

I-I can't waste my time following a piece of red string! No matter how much I want to!

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You got hit, Scrooge?

[That is totally not the sound of a popcorn bowl being put down in the background. It is not a slow day in camp, Kefka's not waiting for a response on his plan to put everyone in Doma to sleep from the person actually in charge, and Kefka's not raided his stash of Earth food to enjoy the show the comm is putting on. Yes. Completely.]

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I'm one of the lucky few who's missing it. Which is good, since I've got to check in with my counterpart here on the sleep shenanigans before I go through with them.

[Just dumping poison in the river would be easier at this point. FML. But he's changing the timeline! He must! He will!]

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Find whoever it is and have them come to you! Offer a fabulous reward!

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...right, you don't do the giving people money thing.

[Facepalm forever.]

Sorry, Scrooge. I am on tenterhooks on this thing and it's throwing me off!

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It's not me, so yes, it is a virus.

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Good to know even you can learn.

So, 'following a red string'?

[following=you leaving dime alone=do want.]

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[thought process continues. things scrooge likes=money. desiring to follow=desiring to go to money.]

I wonder how long you can hold out. it sounds like you really want to go there. How hard is it tugging~?

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All right, but even if I go quiet, it'll keep tugging. You are Scrooge McDuck, after all, you've always gone after everything you wanted.

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You got on too?

Oops, I forgot to say that it's video

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Well it is Valentine's day so it isn't that surprising. Though why a red string? [He starts tugging a little at it.] I haven't been able to cut it or undo the knot.

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Knowing the community, it'll disappear when the virus is over, so I don't think that's possible. [He starts moving a little towards the direction of the string since he can't fight his curiously anymore. He also tugs at it more.]

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[He's starting to get an idea on what's going on.] Try tugging back.


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